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How do I purchase a Kencor Foods item?

Kencor Foods items are sold and shipped through secure checkout on www.kencorfoods.com.

Kencor Foods items can be purchased with VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal.

How quickly will my fish be shipped out once I order?

Kencor Foods items are shipped with 10 -14 business days.  Please call Kencor Foods directly for a ship date.  Fish is only shipped out on Mondays unless Monday is a holiday then it may be Tuesday.

How are Kencor Foods items shipped?

Kencor Foods items are shipped directly from or warehouse and can be shipped to all states and cities within Continental United States and Canada

Store Pickup and Ship to Store are not available for Kencor Foods items.

How do I find information about the products?

Contact our Sales Department directly for any information regarding our products.

How do I check my Kencor Foods order/shipping status?

1.   Sign in to My Account.

2.   Click View Orders under Account Information/Order Status

3.   Click on the order number

4.   The order details will be updated with shipping status details from our Customer Service department.

When you place a Kencor Foods order, you will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail. When your order ships from the distributor, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation e-mail.

How do I cancel a Kencor Foods order?

If you placed an order less than 20 minutes ago, you can contact Customer Service at (262) 764-4162 a Customer Service Associate may be able to help you.

Once your order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.  

How Do I Return a Kencor Foods item?

Kencor Foods items cannot be returned due to federal regulations government perishable products.

For any questions regarding a refund when using gift certificates as the form of payment for Kencor Foods items, contact via email at Customer Service.

Learn more about the Kencor Foods Promise

NOTE: A Customer Service Associate will not be able to assist you unless you have already attempted to resolve the issue by first contacting our Sales department  directly.

What should I do if I have a problem with a Kencor Foods order?

Kencor Foods Distributors are chosen in part for their great reputation in Customer Service. Your first step in resolving any product-related issue is to contact our Sales department directly.

NOTE: No Kencor Foods employee will be able to assist you unless you have already attempted to resolve the issue by first contacting our Sales department directly.

How can I become a Kencor Foods Distributor?

If you are interested in selling Kencor Foods products, please submit your inquiries to our Sales department.

Please include the following information in your submission:

    • Your Name and Title within your organization
    • Your Company Name
    • Your Telephone Number
    • Your Email Address
    • Your Website Address/Link
    • Your Brands and Product Assortment your company offers.



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