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Kencor Ethnic Foods, Inc. launches Asian Carp Dog Treats

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Kenosha, WI - Kencor Ethnic Foods, Inc., maker of smoked dried catfish for the ethnic market,is announcing a brand new all-natural Asian Carp pet treat. These new treats are made of pure wild-caught Asian Carp, fresh from the Illinois River, and dried into savory, chewy sticks.

The treats are formed into fillets, sticks, large bones for big dogs and/or small bones for little dogs. Kencor Ethnic Foods, Inc. is asking for your support to back this product and bring it into the market second quarter of 2015.

Kencor Ethnic Foods, Inc. tested their Asian Carp dog treats with friends’ dogs, and the results were outstanding! The treat’s meaty crunch provides big benefits to dogs’ dentals. Additionally lab analysis reveals these Asian Carp pet treats hold high protein composition, comparable to a salmon based product. Even better, we are creating a whole industry by introducing the Asian carp as a dog treat, an ideal solution for pets who are allergic or intolerant to more common proteins, like chicken, turkey or beef. Our products also bring opportunity for fishermen by creating more jobs.

This innovation of Asian Carp dog treats with a grain free binder from Kencor Ethnic Foods, Inc. is an absolute game changer in the pet food industry. If you are a dog owner, an environmentalist or a fisherman please support our project. This Asian Carp dog treat is a 100% all natural, human grade, grain free, rich in Omega-3 and an excellent dental dog treat. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/403431419/asian-carp-dog-treats

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